Wednesday, February 5, 2014

stable mutt-kz

The first official mutt-kz release with tarballs is available now. If you have no idea about mutt-kz: it is mutt fork with virtual folders, tags and fulltext search (based on notmuch), supports INBOX->archive use case, integrated index-color and sidebar patches. All changes to the original mutt are backported to mutt-kz.

I'm really happy that there is a community around the project with testers and contributors. The mutt-kz mailing list has 80 members now. Thanks!


  • virtual folder (based on notmuch queries) - defined in .muttrc
  • virtual folders on-the-fly generated from queries
  • command to see entire thread for specific message (including already archived messages or messages excluded from the current virtual folder)
  • UI to modify notmuch labels 
  • labels transformation to special chars (e.g. funny unicode text icons) in mutt index
  • new %g and %Gx mutt index and pager format sequences to display notmuch labels 
  • special labels for sent emails 
  • really smart fulltext search (thanks to notmuch and Xapian), for example: "from:kzak tag:ul date:1year.." to search for my posts to util-linux (ul tag) mailing list in last year. 
  • nested if-else conditional and date format expressions (for index format)
  • new mutt pattern modifier for labels 
  • all implemented by regular mutt commands (no hacks) so usable in mutt hooks and macros 
  • you really don't have to delete messages, just move things to archive, notmuch is fast enough to work with large sets of messages 
  • sidebar to show mailboxes or virtual folders 
  • and more... 
my .muttrc: