Friday, April 6, 2012

mutt fork

You know that mutt is the best e-mail client ever ;-) Unfortunately, mutt upstream is too conservative and too inactive for impatient people like me. I (we) would like to have mutt with modern features like fulltext search, tags, virtual folders, gmail-like archive, sidebar etc.

It's Open Source, let's fork it! I announced this idea at notmuch mailing list in January. The current status of this project is:
  • mailing list: (already 21 members, thanks!)
  • git repository:
  • wiki & screenshots:

  • already implemented features:

    • notmuch support (fast fulltext search and tags)
    • sidebar support (for regular and virtual folders
    • virtual folders based on notmuch queries (from .muttrc)
    • on-the-fly generate virtual folders from notmuch queries
    • add / remove / modify notmuch tags
    • support for inbox-->archive use case
    • all is implemented by regular mutt commands, so all is usable in user defined macros

  • TODO:

    • integrate mutt patches from distributions (now ~20 patches from Debian in queue)
    • improve stability
    • packages (already for OpenSuse)

For more information (including .muttrc example) see: README.notmuch

Thanks to all contributors.