Tuesday, March 31, 2015

cfdisk extra partition info

I have merged a new cfdisk(8) improvement. It allows to display/hide additional information about the current (selected) partition:
  • filesystem type, LABEL, UUID

    The important detail is that libblkid gathers the info by seeking on whole-disk device according to partition offsets from partition table -- so /dev/sda[n] devices do not have to exist or you can use cfdisk for disk images (e.g. "cfdisk file.img").
  • partition NAME, TYPE (hex/uuid and human readable name)
  • mountpoint -- for mounted filesystem as well as for not mounted (then from /etc/fstab)

All you need is press 'x'.  

The change is going to be available in util-linux v2.27 (May/Jun 2015). Thanks to Ondrej Oprala who has worked on this with me.