Friday, April 6, 2012

mutt fork

You know that mutt is the best e-mail client ever ;-) Unfortunately, mutt upstream is too conservative and too inactive for impatient people like me. I (we) would like to have mutt with modern features like fulltext search, tags, virtual folders, gmail-like archive, sidebar etc.

It's Open Source, let's fork it! I announced this idea at notmuch mailing list in January. The current status of this project is:
  • mailing list: (already 21 members, thanks!)
  • git repository:
  • wiki & screenshots:

  • already implemented features:

    • notmuch support (fast fulltext search and tags)
    • sidebar support (for regular and virtual folders
    • virtual folders based on notmuch queries (from .muttrc)
    • on-the-fly generate virtual folders from notmuch queries
    • add / remove / modify notmuch tags
    • support for inbox-->archive use case
    • all is implemented by regular mutt commands, so all is usable in user defined macros

  • TODO:

    • integrate mutt patches from distributions (now ~20 patches from Debian in queue)
    • improve stability
    • packages (already for OpenSuse)

For more information (including .muttrc example) see: README.notmuch

Thanks to all contributors.


  1. Karel, great work on this.

  2. Keep up the great work! I'm looking forward to switching to your version.

    For notmuch, please permit excluding directories such as the 'trash' directory. It's quite annoying that notmuch doesn't support this and seems to not support it in the near future.

  3. Wow, going to git clone and try it!

  4. HERETIC! Bring back ddate!

  5. Thanks for finally talking about > %blog_title% < Loved it!