Thursday, August 22, 2013

libmount Python binding

This week I merged Python libmount binding into util-linux. The original prototype was from Ondrej Oprala (Thanks!).

The binding provides the same functionality as libmount in C -- for now supported objects are:
  • Fs - filesystem description
  • Table - tab files parser and container for filesystems
  • Context - high-level API to mount/umount.   

$ python                                                        
>>> import libmount                                             
>>> tb = libmount.Table('/proc/self/mountinfo')                 
>>> fs = tb.find_target('/home/kzak')                           
>>> print fs.source                                             
# python                                                        
>>> import libmount                                             
>>> cx = libmount.Context()                                     
>>> = '/mnt/backup'                                   
>>> cx.mount()                                                   
>>> fs = cx.mtab.find_target('/mnt/backup')                     
>>> print fs.fstype
# python -c "import libmount; libmount.Context(target='/mnt/backup').umount()"

The side effect of the work on the Python binding is that libmount uses reference counting for libmnt_{fs,table,cache} objects now. So we're ready for more complicated scenarios.

.. and --without-python if you don't like it ;-)

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